• Image of 'R.E.N.M.E.N.' poster set by BLOOD SWEAT VECTOR!!!

A set of 6 amazing posters by the world-renowned Blood Sweat Vector Collective. Each letter/poster was created by 2 artists collaboratively. The artists are as follows...

R - Zutto & Chris Leavens
E - LoungeKat & BucketOThought
N - Travis Price & Okayboss
M - Stephen Chan & StubbornSideburns
E - Tougui & IKS
N - J3Concepts & Tokyo Candies

These 6 posters are only available as a set and are likely to fly to contemporary art and design collectors worldwide! These are very exclusive with only 20 sets having been printed and its a real scoop to get so many top notch artists giving their time and talent to work together on a set like this. To view more photos of the prints please click here.

Each poster is A3 sized (297mm x 420mm), printed on 270gsm Splendorgel paper.

As with all Renmen Project sales, 100% of the sale price goes to UNICEF!